Flamenco terms There are many flamenco glossaries online. Here is an excellent one from Oscar Nieto.  Here is another, one more, and here is one more.

Compás This site is geared toward guitarists, but it has flamenco metronomes where you can hear the different rhythms: Ravenna Flamenco.  One place to go for explanations is Flamenco En Beirut.  If you're interested in purchasing something, the Solo Cómpas series is great for practicing with.

Palos Some resources: Studio Flamenco.

Cante Here are places to find out more in English and in en español

History and stuff Many of the above links have a lot of historical info. This is a good article and quick read on the history of flamenco and where it's going. The Junta de Andalucía and Horizonte Flamenco have a lot of info en español.

Learning more The Vida Flamenca blog featuring the latest flamenco documentaries and videos from our local, national and international communities.  And, for those who like to do it in Spanish with worksheety type of stuff, try Didáctica del Flamenco from the Centro Andalúz de Flamenco.

Watching & listening Click here for a list or find videos here.

Online learning Check out Flamenco Bites or Rina Orellana Online Flamenco

Translations of letras Click here for flamenco verses with translations. (Click here to access letras by palo.)

How-To Posts - Click here for how-to articles on this site

Sevillanas steps Click here for the steps and explanations

What do I need to know before attending a class? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions