Mercedes... well, what can one say? … Besides being a riveting, entrancing and amazing dancer, she is an excellent teacher as well. Everything we did in technique class was incorporated in choreography... everything. Lots of lightbulb moments. She’s an absolute gem in the realm of flamenco.
— Becky Poynter
Mercedes is truly a sensational dancer but that is not all – she is also a fantastic teacher. I was amazed with her teaching, with a great level of patience, attention to detail, articulation of how things get done. She is such a humble person, who loves to share her fun and love for flamenco, who really cares about your learning. You have to take her classes to know what I mean!
— Sanae Parra
My upper body positioning and core alignment was the biggest improvement I noticed after my first trip to study with Mercedes Ruiz. And it was all due to the special attention she gave to me (and everyone), noticing what each one of us needed in order to “level up”, as we say in language teacher speak, and giving us personalized corrections and advice. My hand rotations and my castanet technique also improved exponentially under her guidance.
— Julie Pacheco-Toye
Mercedes is amazing. She is extremely focused, and her class is the ultimate workout. I never thought about each finger and how they connect to my wrist and so on. She has a bit of information for everyone at every level.
— Katie DeSau
Mercedes’ methodical and structured style is exactly what I needed for when I felt lost. It gave me predictability and a framework that I could build on and see progress as the weeks went on.
— Mariana
Her energy and passion was unbelievable and so contagious. It’s still so amazing that I was studying with Mercedes Ruiz!
— Carol Carrillo