November 15 - 18, 2018 - Emilio Ochando

“I heart Emilio. His workshops were a crazy-fun sweat-inducing challenge, and he taught us some amazingly simple techniques that I’ll be able to use in my everyday practice. And I loved his Tangos choreography!”  – Heather Williams, Portland, OR

"Laura, thank you for bringing Emilio. I liked him so much. He's a great dancer and teacher and I hope to see him again." ”Laura gracias por traer a Emilio , me gusto muchísimo es un buen bailaor y buen maestro. Espero verlo otra vez.” – Rafaela de Cadiz, Portland, OR/Cadiz. Spain

”Emilio is a phenomenal dancer and a skilled and inspirational teacher. He made us work hard from the first minute to the last, but it was well worth it! I hope he comes back to Portland, and does a performance. I would highly recommend his workshops to others.” – Julie Pacheco-Toye, Portland, OR

"Wonderful memories of you, Emilio and the entire Portland flamenco community! What a wonderful workshop and weekend! "Completamente impresionante!!!"  - Cathy Zambrano-Glidden, CA

"Laura, I love the vibe in your workshops and the mega talented and generous guest teachers/artists that you're able to bring to Portland. I am extra lucky to be able to take part!"  – Shyiang Strong, Vancouver, Canada

"Laura,  Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks--for bringing wonderful artists to Portland, your support, knowledge, laughter and grace--thank you!!! The last five days were so much fun, my brain is melted and I am inspired!" – Erica McCurnin, Portland, OR

“It was the clearest and most well taught palmas class I have ever taken. The patterns were clean and understandable and the repetition was just right. That is a class I would not miss again. Thank you Emilio and thank you Laura for bringing such high quality artists here,” – Diana Bright, Portland, OR