Learn to dance with the abanico  (Eastisde Location)  FALL WORKSHOP: October 5 & 6

In this Beginning Workshop we'll explore how to dance with the abanico (flamenco fan).

LOCATION: 5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

Schedule & Pricing:

Saturday, October 5 | 2:30-4:25
Sunday, October 6 | 2:30-4:25


How do I sign up?

We'll study basic technique of the abanico including:

  • How to hold the fan correctly

  • Multiple methods of opening the fan

  • How to use your wrist to move the fan in different ways

  • What to do with the other hand

In addition we'll study upper body positioning and how this works with the abanico

And we'll work on different combinations with the abanico in the 12-count compás.  In other words, we'll dance with the fan! This will be an opportunity to study the 12-count rhythm and to integrate abanico technique with full body movement. (Here is an example of what it can look like to dance with abanico).

What if I don't have an abanico? No problem. We have fans for sale and loan.

What if I'm not a beginner? This workshop addresses beginning-level skills, but higher level dancers, who are interested in breaking down abanico technique are welcome to join.

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable. *Workshop may not be taken by drop-in or class card without instructor permission.