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Viernes con una Letra | Matilde Coral

I found this letra in the Antología del Baile Flamenco. (Gracias, Angel por haberme regalado este libro.) It was written for Matilde Coral. She was one of my first teachers.

I really ought to tell you about my first encounter with her. In Triana, on La Calle Castilla, at her academy

I had no idea who she was, other than that she was a flamenco dancer, when I went to see her. We met in her office. 

She had a lot to say, 

but I only understood bits and pieces. 

That's kind of how it was that whole first year in Spain. Most of the time I only partially understood people. I did however understand what Matilde wanted me to do. And I did not want to do it. In fact, I refused to.

But, I'm not going to tell you about that today...

For today, just this letra and a video of Matilde Coral dancing alegrías

A Matilde Coral
Daniel Pineda Novo

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