Curious about the name change you see on our Portland Flamenco Events Facebook page?

(It’s new name is Experience Flamenco Portland)

Four years ago I merged Portland Flamenco Events (my Portland based flamenco education business) with Experience Flamenco (my business focused on creating educational Flamenco Tours to Spain) online.

I maintained the Portland Flamenco Events Facebook page and business name and continued to use this for events in the greater Portland area and changed the Flamenco Tour Facebook page name to Experience Flamenco.

It has become increasingly confusing operating as both Experience Flamenco and Portland Flamenco Events, so I have switched everything over to the name 'Experience Flamenco.’

For example:

  • When I would introduce myself and the business at times I would use Experience Flamenco, at other times Portland Flamenco Events, and other times both names.

  • People would ask me why I called my business Portland Flamenco Events when my website was called Experience Flamenco

It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.

Experience Flamenco is one business with this mission:

To provide a broad and accessible flamenco experience of instruction, performance and community through guided trips to Spain to get to know flamenco in its birthplace, retreats in the Western United States, classes and events with local and international artists in Portland, OR, and flamenco articles posted to the blog.

While I am based in Portland, Oregon every experience is open to flamenco lovers across the globe. We have welcomed guests from all over the United States to Europe to Asia to our events in Oregon and Spain.

If you like flamenco, dance, travel, and learning, my hope is for this to be the place for you!

For now, I’ll continue to feature Portland and Pacific Northwest based activities separately on Facebook, on the Experience Flamenco Portland page and I’ll continue to share flamenco information beyond the Pacific Northwest (including lots of flamenco videos) on the Experience Flamenco Facebook page.

A note:

Both Experience Flamenco LLC & Portland Flamenco Events are officially registered business names.

Have Questions?

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Thanks for sticking it out here with me through the ups and downs.


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