It’s May, and spring is in the air! Let’s celebrate the flowers with this letra:


Pase y lo verá
en mi casa hay flores
pa sembrar y cortar

Pass by and you’ll see
at my house there are flowers
to sow and to cut

You can listen to Curro Malena sing it here. (This letra is about 1 minute 30 seconds in.)

Now, to get us in the mood for dancing bulerías with Mercedes Ruíz this weekend in Portland, watch this video of her teaching bulerías in London:

Don’t you love those cute moves and the jaleos? Bulerías de Jerez cannot exist without jaleos and when there is no cante the jaleos are even more important. ¡Olé! Mercedes loves dancing bulerías because “it’s a festive palo where (she) can improvise a lot.”

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