Why dance flamenco? 

Flamenco offers all kinds of benefits: physical, emotional, intellectual, cognitive ... It is perfect for those who never considered themselves to be dancers and for those who have done other forms of dance. And the best part? You can start learning when you're seven or when you're seventy, (no joke)!

Here are twenty five reasons to do it:

  1. Build confidence.
  2. Increase muscle strength, especially in the core, arms, and legs.
  3. Help your brain. (Increased confidence, the act of having a good time, and physical exercise all aid in brain development.)*  
  4. Slow down the aging process.*
  5. Improve posture.
  6. Feel good. (Physical exercise and repetitive movement have been found to increase serotonin in the brain.)*
  7. Learn about yourself.
  8. Improve balance.
  9. Express (or learn how to express) your individuality.
  10. Increase flexibility
  11. Challenge yourself.
  12. Express your feelings.
  13. Connect with your physical body.
  14. Take your mind off of your everyday problems.
  15. Reduce stress.
  16. Improve rhythm.
  17. Learn to listen to and follow your instincts.
  18. Feel beautiful, powerful, fluid, strong, (fill in the blank) ...
  19. Practice being present.*
  20. Learn about another culture.
  21. Learn and practice some Spanish. 
  22. Connect with others (community, one of my favorite benefits). 
  23. Improve mind body coordination.
  24. Learn some life lessons.
  25. Have a great excuse to travel to Spain.

How Has Flamenco Helped You?

I know you've got your own reasons for dancing flamenco. Why do you do it? How has it benefitted you or improved your life? Please let me know in the comments below.

For years, work was taking up too much of my life. That is why I like flamenco so much now. I have to concentrate hard to make the dance moves. So I don’t think about work. If I go swimming, biking, or hiking my mind is free to wander about work. Flamenco is great fun and good medicine for me.
—  Marina, Salem, OR