Antonio Sánchez

tú eres el aire
que a mí me lleva

Flamenquita, tú que haces
tus canastitas en los puentes
siendo tan guapa y graciosa
¿por qué vives malamente?
Canastera canastera canastera

Has de ser mi compañera
si me casara algún día
has de ser mi compañera
por tos los cuatros costaos
gitanita y canastera
Canastera canastera canastera

Mi mare me pegó un día
y de mi casa me fui
y a la pobre mare mía
cuanto le hice que sufrir
Canastera canastera canastera

A breeze blows
you are the air
that carries me

Flamenquita who makes
your baskets on the bridge
so beautiful and funny
why do you live badly?
basket weaver* ...

You have to be my companion
if I am to marry someday

You have to be my companion
through and through
gypsy and basket weaver

basket weaver ...

My mom hit me one day
and I left my home
and my poor mom
how I caused her to suffer

basket weaver ...

In my research I learned that the canastera form was debuted by Camarón and Paco de Lucía in 1972. (You can hear the original version with Paco de Lucía and Camarón here.) Here are a couple of links where you can find some detailed information about that: One link about this palo, and another link

Here is Camarón accompanied by Tomatito, Juan Carmona, Jorge Pardo, and Carles Benavent.

*Translation Notes:

Canastera does not just mean basket weaver, but specifically refers to a gypsy (Romani) woman.

It took me awhile to find the correct words to this song, mainly the first word. After much searching I believe I finally figured it out. I found the meaning to arbolea here. It doesn't specify in the song what is blowing, but we can infer that it is the air or the wind. The literal translation, 'it blows' did not sound good, so I debated between using 'the air blows,' 'the (a) wind blows,' or 'the (a) breeze blows.' I chose the latter. If you have any comments about this or anything else, let me know below.

The Mystery Guest Artist

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