After today's letra you'll find that video I promised you of Mercedes Ruíz dancing at this year's Fiesta de la Bulería (and really getting into it) followed by an explanation of what's happening at the end between the dancer (Mercedes) and the singer (David Carpio) along with an important concept to understand that can help you when dancing bulerías por fiesta by yourself. (I've also included a short activity for you to do at the end.)


No sé por qué será
me duelen más que las mías
las penas de los demás

I don't know why it is
that other people's sorrows
hurt me more than my own

I couldn't catch the whole letra (as often is the case), from the video, so I sent the first line to Mercedes and asked her if she could tell me the rest. She sent me today's letra. I don't think it's the one he's singing above, but the first line is the same. ;)

What's Happening at the End 

Notice how he repeats the last line of the estribillo (coletilla) various times until she is finished dancing. When dancing bulerías por fiesta, the singer will not abandon you. They will sing to you until you're done, just as David does for Mercedes in the video. They may repeat the last line or word numerous times or even transition into jaleos to send you off. The point is, the singer will accompany you until you've finished your pataíta (short bulerías por fiesta dance). In this way, the singer follows the dancer. Knowing this can help you relax and enjoy the ending of your dance instead of stressing out about ending in the 'correct' place. (That said, the dancer must tune into the singer too, listening in order to end well with the cante and the compás.) Learn more about bulerías in its birthplace on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez!

An Activity for You

Watch the video again. Notice Mercedes's build up to the end of her dance. Can you pick out her last llamada and final? Do you see how David repeats the last line until she's finished her dance? Let me know below. 

That Green Skirt

On the last Flamenco Tour to Jerez we saw THAT VERY SKIRT that Mercedes is wearing in the video being made. Why? Because on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez we visit Fatima, Mercedes's seamstress. You too can get clothing made from the same woman who makes things for Mercedes Ruíz! Pretty cool, huh? (We may have the opportunity to see Mercedes perform in Sevilla during the Fall Flamenco Tour to Jerez. Perhaps she'll be wearing that skirt again.)

And You?

How do you normally feel at the end of your bulerías? Does the knowledge that the singer will back you up until you're done dancing put you at ease? And lastly, where do you struggle most when dancing bulerías? Let me know in the comments below.

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