Below find a letra that David Lagos sang during our private show on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez.

That night David sang granaína, rondeñas, caña, fandangos por bulerías, alegrías, bulerías... I was in HEAVEN. We all were. The piece including the letra below happened like this: Santi set it up with a beautiful intro, David sang a letra por granaínas, then they immediately transitioned into rondeñas. I wish you could have been there. (You can find out more about that show and how it was the highlight of Julie's summer following the letra.)


Por momentos mis martirios
se estaban doblando
de noche y de día,
mis ojos lloran por verte
mira si es mala mi suerte
que yo te quiero con delirio

y tengo yo que aborrecerte.

With every passing moment
my agony is doubled
night and day,
my eyes cry to see you
my luck is bad,
for I love you deliriously,
and I have to abandon you.

A translation note: I had a hard time translating the second line. I debated between keeping it in the past (imperfect) tense (as it's written in Spanish, 'my agony was doubled,' or writing it in present tense, 'my agony is doubled,' in keeping with the rest of the letra. Thank you, Erica, for your help with this. 

About the Show . . .

Remember Julie? Here are her thoughts on it:

"After our 4-5 hours of dancing each of these two days, in the evenings we got to see three different great shows, two on Thursday and one on Friday. For me, the performance highlight of my summer so far was the show on Thursday night, June 23. This was a private show just for our group at Mercedes’ gorgeous studio in which Mercedes and two of her students (who are also professional dancers) danced, Santiago Lara played guitar and David Lagos sang. David Lagos is also an acclaimed and respected artist, and is one of my favorite flamenco singers. Mercedes opened our little private show with a “brindis”, or toast, with sherry of course, after which we were treated to some world class flamenco mere feet in front of our faces, where all of us had front row seats. We also were able to purchase CD’s and get them personally autographed right then and there. As exciting as that was, the flamenco fun wasn’t over for the day just yet!" (This is an excerpt from Julie's blog, Abriendo Caminos. Read the full post to find out more about her experiences in class and at the shows.

By the way, you can hear part of Santiago Lara's granaína in this video interview. He plays this during every private show, and It pretty much always makes me cry. 

Ready for a Home Challenge?

Not too long ago I mentioned how much I miss being in class with Mercedes. I'm still missing that, so, I've decided to do something about it... You may remember the Dance as if You Were in Class With Mercedes Holiday Challenge, well, it's time for a brand new challenge! Stay tuned, details are on the way.