Ever experienced pain and sorrow and struggled to truly feel into it even though you knew you needed to? Today's letra and video might be able to help with that.

In the video below Rocío Márquez starts with this fandangos.

And here is the final letra she sings:


La pena grande que se llora
con las lágrimas se va;
la pena grande es la pena
que no se puede llorar;
esa no se va, se queda.

The intense sorrow that you cry, 
is washed away with tears;
the intense sorrow is the sorrow
that you can't cry;
it doesn't leave, it stays.

You can also hear it in this recording from 1929 of El Carbonerillo with Niño Ricardo on guitar.

Here's that video of Rocío Márquez with Manuel Herrera accompanying on guitar.

You can read a brief summary on the different types of fandangos here.


This was a tricky one. I considered translating the second line, 'with tears goes away.' You can leave comments on my translation below.

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