I just returned home from Jerez, and naturally, I'm missing bulerías.

I have a letra to share with you today. It's one that David Lagos sang during our private show there, but before I do, I want to tell you a quick story.

It's one that Julie, a student on the Flamenco Tour, shared with me just before she departed from Jerez. (Read about Julie's first day in Jerez, and see some of her gorgeous photos from Spain here.)

On her last morning there, Julie took a final stroll around the city before she caught her train to Granada. On her way back to the apartments she found herself behind an older couple walking down the street. They walked along, and the man soon began playing palmas. Moments later, the couple stopped walking. The man continued with his palmas while the woman, presumably his wife, sang a letra. Upon finishing the letra, they continued on their way.


And now, today's letra,


Tú eres como los Judíos  
aunque la ropa te quemen
no reniegas de lo que has sido

You are like the jews
though they burn your clothes,
you don't reject who you've been


While we were on the Flamenco Tour, we got to meet Manuel Morao at the opening of his exhibit at the Centro Andalúz de Flamenco. There we saw this picture with Mercedes as a little girl touring in his company. Demasiado. Click here to watch a video of her dancing with his company in New York. (She talks about touring with him when she was young here.)

By the way, the picture above is of David singing while Mercedes dances a pataíta por bulerías at the show.


The Fall Flamenco Tour happens in October. Sign up now. (You can view more pictures from the June Flamenco Tour here. )

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