With just about every bulerías letra Zorri dictates to me, he smiles and laughs while explaining the meaning. (I really wish you could see him do this.) 

So, below find another one from Zorri.

Once you've read it, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see three awesome videos of people (Joaquin Grilo, Rocío Molina, and Midori) dancing por bulerías.


Me acuesto y no cojo cama
Me acuesto con el sentío
a ver quién a la puerta llama

I lie down, and I can't sleep
I lie awake worrying about
who's going to knock at the door

EDIT: Listen to Mara Rey sing it here.

Interested in learning more about bulerías?

Experience bulerías in Jerez (and meet Zorri ;) ~ The summer Flamenco Tour to Jerez is coming up in just a few weeks, and the fall trip happens October 19 - November 2. Get all of the details here.

Learn the bulerías code ~ Join me for some Summer Workshops here in Portland. We'll be studying bulerías July 9 & 10!

And, why, again do I need to study bulerías?

Because dancing bulerías is essential and beyond FUN! This is the palo of the fín de fiesta. It is where you get to be silly and really let your personality show. It is what even the guitarists and the singers dance. You can't do flamenco and NOT do bulerías. 

Want to see some really cool bulerías?

Here is an amiga Midori who I met in Jerez dancing with so much gracia at the Fería de Caballo.

And here is my flamenco boyfriend (no, he's not my real boyfriend) who NEVER disappoints with his bulerías dancing at the fería.

And finally, here is Rocío Molina improvising with Fernando de la Morena in Jerez.

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