Today I want to share a bulerías dancing tip with you along with a letra.

Let's start with the tip

When I'm in Jerez on the Flamenco Tours, Ani offers all kinds of quick and dirty tips.

Here's one:

Calidad antes que cantidad.

Quality before quantity

Sometimes it's so enticing. We're exposed to a bunch of cool steps. We can't stand to leave any of them out, so we try to squeeze them all into one pataita. 

And things get sloppy

We look like we're just going through the motions. (Rather than dancing.) 

Or we go out of compás. (Ay!)

We must remember that we're having a conversation.

And if we become overly obsessed with trying to fit in everything we like just because we want to, we're not able to be in the conversation. We're not able to be present. We're not able to respond. We're not able to dance.

So, do less and do it well.

Remember, bulerías por fiesta are meant to be short and fun.

And now, here's that letra: 


No me eches
que yo me iré
y en el camino
me puedo perder

Don't kick me out
for I will leave
and along the journey
I could get lost

Want to learn more about how to dance bulerías?

Join me in Jerez for the Flamenco Tour. Immerse yourself. This is the best way to learn!