Saturday evening the moon shone so brightly against a miraculously clear sky. Miraculously clear because that same sky had spent most of the day wearing all shades of grey and only shades of grey. I guess it cleared up just in time for the moon to let us know that it was almost full.

Last night the moon showed off again, full and bright in the February sky.

And, so, today, a letra referencing the moon. (It's another one from Zorri.)


Estaba la luna clara
yo te vi pasar con otro
estaba la luna clara
el cielo me se nubló
y el resplando de mi cara
nunca cogerá el color

The moon was bright
I saw you pass by with another
the moon was bright
the sky turned cloudy on me
and the radiance of my face
will never regain its color

The Translation

This was a tough one, especially because of some of the wording Spanish. Thankfully Erica was willing to give me her two cents. 

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