What’s on your flamenco holiday wish list? And more importantly, have you shared it with your friends and family because, the truth is, they might not know how to shop for a flamenco lover such as yourself. 

Not quite sure what to ask for? See below for eight holiday gift ideas for any budget:

1. Gift Certificate for Flamenco Classes

Gift certificates for flamenco lessons in Portland are available in any amount, starting at just $5. Contact us to purchase.

2. Online Flamenco Classes

For the dancer who’s looking for supplemental instruction or who’s unable to make it to in-person classes, online flamenco lessons are a great option. Both Flamenco Bites and Rina Orellana Flamenco offer excellent online instruction. You can read my full article about online learning here.     

3. Metronome

Without a doubt, every flamenco student NEEDS a metronome. And thankfully, they’re easy to find. Any local music store will have one.

4. Flamenco Garb

Portland local, Heather Jackson creates unique and quality garments and accessories for the dancer and dancer at heart, inspired by the traditions of flamenco, but embracing modern design. Contact: heatherjacksondesign@gmail.com.

And if you’d like to get something direct from Spain, try Flamenco Fátima Canca who makes flamenco outfits for Mercedes Ruíz herself! She also sells shoes, accessories, Check out her website here or see her on Facebook here.

5. Flamenco Memorabilia & Paraphernalia

Second-hand Treasures: You’d be surprised what can be found in a second hand store. Flamenco dolls, old records, mantones if you’re lucky. Any flamenco lover will be sure to appreciate a vintage flamenco gift that took some effort to find!

Decorative Items: My friend Fernando from Sevilla hand paints gorgeous fans. Check out his designs here.

Flamenco Photos: An image of a flamenco dancer to inspire? A photo of Spain to dream? Local Portland photographer (and flamenca), Julie Pacheco-Toye, sells beautiful flamenco and travel photographs from Spain here.

6. Music

One of the most important things every flamenco student needs to do is listen to flamenco music (and listen a lot). A gift card to iTunes or the like is a great gift that any flamenco enthusiast will enjoy.

7. Flamenco Retreat at the Oregon Coast

A flamenco getaway, who wouldn’t want that? There are still a few spots available for the Winter Flamenco Retreat at the Oregon Coast. This retreat is designed for the flamenco dancer who wants to experience a fun-filled weekend intensive with a small group in Lincoln City, Oregon. 

8. Big Ticket Item: A trip to España!

Every flamenco dancer dreams of going to Spain to experience flamenco in its homeland. The Flamenco Tour is a personalized flamenco vacation to Spain to study this art form in its country of origin. It’s a small-group flamenco trip including workshops with master artists Mercedes Ruíz and Ana María López, performances, walking, shopping, and sherry tours, a spa day, and more! 

The Flamenco Tour happens this May (exact dates to be announced very soon.) In the meantime, you can stay informed stay informed here or contact us for more info.

Don't forget to share this wish list with Santa!

Your Ideas?

I know you have some great flamenco gift ideas of your own. Please add your suggestions to the comments below.