I'm currently in Prado del Rey in the Sierra de Cádiz where I've been walking and hiking and exploring like crazy. I came after the Flamenco Tour ended, and it is magnificent! (A perfect place to be to nurse Flamenco Tour withdrawals. In fact, I'm dreaming of a Flamenco Tour add-on trip, or just a tour of its own, to visit these white hill towns and walk in the Sierra de Cádiz... You can see some pictures below.)

In honor of the Concurso Nacional de Cante Por Serranas held right here in Prado, a serranas this week:


Yo crié en mi rebaño
una cordera
de tanto acariciarla
se volvió fiera.
Y las mujeres
de tanto acariciarlas
fieras se vuelven.

In my herd
I raised a lamb.
From petting her so much
she went wild.
And women,
from caressing them so much,
they turn wild.

You can find out about serranas here and here.

And here are some pictures from the sierra: