I used to listen to Niña Pastori's, María album all. of. the. time. (And it has the scratches to prove it.) Here's an excerpt from the song Dime Quién Soy Yo along with two video interpretations. 

Enjoy, and thank you for being here.

Gracias por estar aquí.

From Dime Quién Soy Yo 
M. Rosa García "Niña Pastori" / J. Jimenez "Chaboli"

Le doy gracias a la vida
porque tengo lo que quiero
alguien que por mi suspira
aunque sea desde el cielo

I give thanks to life
because I have what I want
someone who yearns for me
even though it's from heaven

Here she is performing it live:

And here is another out of control amazing interpretation by Lya:

Here's the original version.

le doy gracias a la vida.jpg