How about some bulerías to start the new year? Here's an excerpt from La Luz del Alba by Antonio Reyes.

Bulerías: La Luz del Alba (excerpt)
Antonio Reyes

Te fuiste de mi vera
de mi verita te fuiste
con lo que pa' mi tú eras
y el daño que me hiciste

Qué pena
te fuiste de mi vera
con lo que yo te quería
con lo que pa' mi tú eras

You left my side
from my side you went
with how much I loved you
and the pain you caused me

What a shame
you left my side
with how much I loved you
with what you meant to me

I can (and do) listen to that song over and over and over again. (Find it on iTunes or De FlamencoViento Sur) Alfredo Lagos is playing guitar, Rosario joins Antonio singing, and Chicharito y El Bó play palmas. So good!

Happy New Year!

Speaking of Bulerías

Beginning dancers, join me on the Oregon Coast January 22-24 to study the basics of flamenco through this insanely fun fiesta style. Details are here.

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