Another letra from this alegrías by David Lagos and one more video that I'm pretty positive will make your day all kinds of better as soon as you watch it. (You'll find links to other parts of this alegrías below.)

David Lagos

A un lance de su capote
suenan la palmas en la plaza
y es que torea en la plaza
vaya torero Rafael de Paula

With a throw of his cape
the clapping sounds in the bullring
because he is bullfighting in the bullring
Wow, the bullfighter Rafael de Paula

You can hear this letra at 2 minutes 30 seconds, but I highly recommend watching the whole thing, especially one minute in when he sings his tri tri tri trans and the very end. Oleeeeee.

By the way, Rafael de Paula is a bullfighter from Jerez. (I have never been to a bullfight and never plan to because I believe bullfighting is cruel, but I'm not here to talk about that today. Still, as you can imagine, I love the postures and the bullfighter attire.)

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The Flamenco Tours are Coming up!

On the Flamenco Tour to Jerez Mercedes Ruíz hosts a private show just for us, and David Lagos is our usual singer. (Meaning, if David is in town when we're there, he sings for us in this show which is basically incredible to experience.) And did you know that I'm hosting twoflamenco tours this fall, one to Barcelona and one to Jerez and that I'm offering bonuses for the next three people who sign up for each tour? You can find out more here.