On the past two Flamenco Tours to Jerez we've had a cante class with José 'El Mijita.' Exciting, Scaaaary, and FUN! You can see video of that at the end of the post.

Here is one of his favorite letras to sing por bulerías; it's one we worked on in the classes.


No te quiero ni mirar
porque hasta la gente nota
que tú te pones a temblar

I don't even want to look at you
because people can tell
that you tremble

Why do we study the cante?

We do it to expand our understanding of flamenco as a whole. Because as we know, the dance does not exist on its own. We do it to broaden our understanding of the language of flamenco. To learn new things. And, of course, to have fun...

During the class last spring Lily, one of the students, held onto Héctor Raúl for the duration of the class. She wasn't quite sure why, but I'm pretty positive it was a subconscious act done for support.

Because this experience took people out of their comfort zones.

But the ladies went for it. I was impressed. Even those who didn't speak Spanish and had little previous flamenco experience.

I'm so glad they did. I'm glad I did. Because we laughed and laughed and learned and learned.

You can see a bit of that class here:

Mind you, this is a class and the ladies are very focused on learning a new palmas pattern, a bulerías letra, and how José sings it... So, no judgement por favor.


What about you? Where does your interest in flamenco songs come from? Why do you like to study the letras? Why do you like to study the cante? (Or do you want to study the cante, but you've been too afraid to go there...yet? Let me know below in the comments.

Let's Go to Spain!

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