Woo-hoo, you’ve made it to day three of the Dancing with David Even Though We’re Not With David Challenge! Today's task won't take long, so read on to find a new exercise to help you become a better dancer from home . . .

Learning by observation is one of my favorite ways to learn, and I've learned quite a bit from observing David Romero, noticing both how he dances and how he approaches dancing and teaching.

Today we're going to focus on the approach.


David gives 100% (if not more) when teaching.

He, the teacher, is there with you, the student, completely.

Which inspires you to be there with him. And to give all that you have to give during those moments.

Sooooo, when you’re in the studio,

Be in the studio.

When you’re practicing at home,

Be there, present for your practice.

And ask yourself,

Am I giving all that I can give?

Which leads me to today’s activity:

Step One   Choose a flamenco move or part of a dance to focus on.

(You might want to choose a series of moves or part of a dance for today’s activity, but if you want to keep it simple, feel free to stick with the move you did yesterday or the day before.)

Step Two   Do it.

Step Three   I mean really do it. Really dance. However many minutes you choose to spend on this, intend to be there fully. I would rather you do today’s activity fully present than spend a long time going through the motions only partially focused.

Step Four   Ask yourself, Am I giving all that I can give? Then give a little more.

I hope you've been enjoying these mini exercises. Stay tuned for a new one tomorrow.

How's Your Focus?

Do you struggle with staying focused in flamenco class? Do you struggle to remain focused when practicing? What do you do to keep the focus? How do you re-focus? Let me know in the comments.

Want to really study with this guy?

Join me this fall for the Flamenco Tour to Barcelona.  (I also have one to Jerez.)

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