Today I'm going to share with you a fun exercise (one of my personal favorites) that will help you to become a better dancer from the comfort of your own home. Yesterday we addressed the idea of looking in the mirror and how we need to look at what’s being reflected back to us in order to know what to change.

Today we’re going to go deeper,

Today we’re going micro,

Today we’re going to talk details

But before we do, I want you to take a moment to remember your why.

Got it in your cabeza?


Now, no matter what your purpose,

Details matter.

Flamenco has a certain aesthetic, and although there is plenty of room for personal style and preference, we must strive to remain true to the aesthetic of this art form.

We choose to what level we want to perfect our dancing, but, again, no matter our level, the details do matter.

You can hear our imaginary teacher of the week, David Romero, address this topic five minutes into his video interview.

So, onto today's activity. It's kind of like freeze tag, and who doesn't like freeze tag?

Step One   Choose one flamenco move to focus on. (This could be the same move you did yesterday or something different.)

Step Two   Find a mirror. (I know, again?! Yes, again.)

Step Three   Begin doing your move in front of the mirror, and stop mid-move (as if you were playing freeze tag). Remain frozen, and look, no, examine your position. It's time to go micro. Notice every possible detail. What's going on with your shoulders, your hands, your elbows. . . Change and fix until this one pose looks as perfect as you feel you can make it look on your own.

That's it.

If you like this and want to keep going, simply rinse and repeat:

Optional Step   Do it again either with the same move but stopping in another place or using a different move.

Freeze flamenco.

I love to do this in class with music. It's so much fun.

Okay, I better let you go so that you can try this out. Enjoy, and definitely let me know how it goes.

Mirror Selfies!

Yesterday I posted a mirror selfie. It's a bit goofy, I'll admit, but it was fun. And now, I want to see yours. Either post your mirror selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #experienceflamenco or post it on Facebook, and tag Flamenco Tour. I can’t wait to see your photos!

David & Details

So the way I'm holding my hand on my hip in that selfie, I learned that from David. Along with a whole bunch of other little cositas that have made my dancing look a lot better. Join me in Barcelona in November, and learn all kinds of little tricks from him that will turn into default moves for you and make you look better when you dance flamenco.


What detail(s) did you focus on today? How did it feel to go micro? Let me know in the comments below. Did you take a mirror selfie? Feel free to link to it below.