In November 2013 after the Flamenco Tour to Jerez was finished, I traveled to Barcelona to study with David Romero. (And to research holding a flamenco trip there with him, which is happening in November, woot!) My friend Stefani and I had daily classes with David (our own private flamenco workshop). Often times we would meet with him before or after class to have a coffee and chat.

And one day after class, I interviewed him

The interview took place in the little restaurant by the studio where we used to meet. We had lunch. We had café. And then we got to filming.

We did some shooting inside, some outside. I filmed some, Stefani filmed some. A couple of clips cut off in strange places because, well, I guess I stopped or started shooting too early or too late. Oops. I did my best to edit out the background noise, but you will definitely hear some potatoes being fried, sirens, a few outside voices, stuff like that. You'll also see some ladies on their way to the restroom, which happened to be our backdrop during part of the interview. I guess it all adds to the ambiente, the ambiance . . .

David has been dancing since he was three years old. He grew up going to peñas and hearing flamenco. He's from Barcelona, but his family is from Andalucía. In the video David talks about how his parents, originally from Huelva in Andalucía, ended up in Barcelona, the influences of hearing flamenco in his home, how he began dancing flamenco professionally (in a tablao when he was underage, having to run and hide when the authorities came by), his teaching philosophy, how he goes about creating a choreography and even just creating a step. Watch the interview below:

Want to have a drink with David?

You too can hang out with David over a coffee or a tapa when you join me on the Flamenco Tour in November.

What Do You Think?

Do you have another question for David? Let me know, and I'll ask him. What do you think about his teaching philosophy? How detail oriented are you? Have you ever experienced flamenco in Barcelona? Let me know below in the comments.

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Find out what it's like to study flamenco in Spain here.

And if you like David, definitely stay tuned for a dance as if you were in class with David flamenco challenge, similar to the Dance As if You Were in Class with Mercedes Holiday Challenge that took place last December.

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