Tangos del Titi 

Mi mare me lo advirtió
que a ningún forasterito
le diera conversación

My mother warned me
not to strike up a conversation
with a stranger

You can hear Argentina sing this letra in the video below accompanied by José Quevedo "Bolita" (guitar), Torombo and Diego Montoya (palmas), and José Carrasco (percussion). It's queued to start at this letra, but I recommend watching the whole video. I'm pretty positive you'll love all of it, but just in case you don't enjoy the singing, you're sure to enjoy the guitar. And if you don't enjoy the guitar, you're sure to enjoy the palmas, and if you don't enjoy the palmas, you're sure to enjoy the percussion...

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(Also, you can listen to Manuel Vallejo sing that letra here.)

It's Time to Think About Going Back to España!

Jerez or Barcelona. Or perhaps Jerez and Barcelona. I'll be hosting two Flamenco Tours in the fall. In October we'll study in Jerez with Mercedes Ruíz and Ana María López. And in November it's off to Barcelona for a workshop with David Romero. (Watch him dance tangos here.) To get the details, click right here.

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