When Sol was here we studied cante por tientos. It was scary singing out loud in front of a bunch of people, even though we all knew each other... But it was great fun too.

Below is one of the letras we sang:


Cuando me meto en mi cama
hablo con mi Dios y le digo
que me parece mentira
lo que tu has hecho conmigo

When I go to bed
I speak with God and I tell him

that it seems a lie
what you've done to me

I'll never get over how much I love listening to the tientos melody. (Here's a favorite one to watch.)


We know about different ways of wording flamenco letras and the oral tradition. Below are a couple of variations of the first line:

A medianoche en mi cama ~ (in the middle of the night in my bed)


Cuando me meto en mi cuarto ~ (when I go to my room)


By the way, today I found this resource. It's nice because you can click on an individual palo and it will take you to a list of many letras...

And if you're looking for resources, check this out.

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