Today another one that I got from Zorri. He is full of letras.


This one is kind of fuerte.


Contigo bajé la cuesta
y ahora que quiero subirla
que trabajito me cuesta

I went down the hill with you
and now that I want to go back up,
Oh how much work it is

We all know a lot of the sentido gets lost in translation. The letras just don't have the same feeling in English. And then at times there are specific things that really cannot be translated within the verse itself.

Like with today's por ejemplo:

In the letra the word cuesta is used two times but with different meanings. It is used in the first line to mean 'hill' and then in the last line as a verb, 'to be a lot of work' or 'to be difficult.'

The meaning can usually be translated, the nuances, not so easy to portray...

Some words:

sentido - meaning

por ejemplo - for example

fuerte - strong