I am in the province of Málaga, so I am thinking of malagueñas. which I love.

Apparently the original malagueñas had folkloric and rhythmic origins from here in Málaga. It would make sense to share one of those letras with you.

But I don't want to.

(Anyway, I posted a verdiales last week.)

Today I want to share this Malagueña del Mellizo with you.

It is said that Enrique el Mellizo's influence transformed malagueñas into the cante libre style we hear today. (He was not from Málaga.)

Whoa, that was more teória than I am used to offering, but I had to know more, so I found out more and then shared it with you.

So the letra below, you can click here to hear it.

This was the first Pitingo album I ever purchased, I think it was his first. Get it. It's so good.

I fell in love with this song immediately. I'm not joking about that.

One of my favorite things in this rendition are his ays.

The melody of them. And what they say without words.

I also love love love the way the guitar responds.

Malagueñas del Mellizo

Voy sintiendo
que la noche a mí me habla
ay por las calles, puertas y ventanas
yo quiero que venga el día
ay con la luna mi pena se va
ya y mi recuerdo se marchitará

I feel
that the night speaks to me
through the streets, doors, and windows
I want day to come
with the moon my sorrows go
and my memory will leave

And, You?

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Casa in the province of Málaga