The estribillo below and the way he sings it,

Well ...

Mi vida es mía
y tu vida es tuya
por qué no las juntamos
y hacemos una leré

My life is mine,
and your life is yours
Why not put them together
and make one

You can (and will definitely want to even though you've probably already seen it a million times) watch and listen here.  Duquende and Potito singing.  Belén Maya and el Grilo dancing, Tomatito playing.  When they were all joven.  It's one of my all-time favorites and ALWAYS will be.

Here is more from that song.

P.S. My best friend is going to be performing with Belén Maya this year at the Bienal de Sevilla.  How I would love to see that show!  The good news is that I am going to Santa Barbara to see him perform in September.  And a note:  Ricardo's company is bringing him there.  And after, in October, Ricardo will be coming here to Portland!