An estribillo and a letra

I first heard this estribillo, his letras, and heard of Luis de la Pica, when listening to Marina Heredia.  That whole song on as she does it still gets me.

These melodies will always get me ...

And these words ...

Luis de la Pica

Te quiero y me moriré queriéndote
hasta la muerte

Recuerdo cuando me besabas
aquella noche de invierno, 
el frío en mis huesos se calaba

y tu querer era falso y embustero

I love you and I'll die loving you
until death

I remember when you kissed me
that winter night,
the cold soaked into my bones
and your love was false and deceitful

Definitely, DEFINITELY

Definitely watch the video below.  You can hear the estribillo at 3:5o and the letra at 5:00 and then watch him dance a bulerías.