Me pongo a cantar y no puedo
la garganta no me ayuda
tengo que tomar zumito
de la naranja moruna

I go to sing and I can't 
My throat doesn't help me
I have to drink the juice
of the Moorish orange

The video below is a tribute to Moraito Chico that I saw on YouTube.  José Mercé sings this letra at 19:40. Beware, once you hit play you may find it impossible to stop watching.  And it is nearly two hours long ...

The Ins & Outs starts Tomorrow

Bulerias is a fiesta-style dance from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.  It is the most improvisational form of flamenco and probably the silliest as well.  It is what we see at parties and at the end of flamenco shows.  It is a dance from the pueblo for ALL people to do, not just “dancers.”  In fact, some of my favorite people to watch doing this dance are townspeople who do it just for fun, not professionally.  You will see the singers in the video above dancing in this way.  Come dance with me. The details are Here.

Drinking Orange Juice in Spain

I can't wait to drink fresh zumo de naranja in Jerez this May.    Mmmmmm.  And we'll dance bulerías too. Care to join me?