1. Do it anyway

2. Come back to your body

3. Respect opinions, but be yourself

4. Feel and allow

5. Notice all of the other "not thems" who are doing it alongside you

6. Remember that art is universal, and so is expression

7. Consider the history and evolution of flamenco

8. Read this

9. Just be you

10. Breathe

11. Remember that fear comes and goes

Yes, the fear comes and goes.  

I now know that it's okay.

Sometimes it is there to protect me.  Sometimes it is there to test me.  Sometimes it is there to remind me that I'm human and to help me connect to others.

But it is not there to stop me from doing what I want to do.

What do YOU do?

I would love to know what you do when you feel like you don't fit in.  What do you do when your mind tries to take over and take you to a place that is not so good?  Do the suggestions above work for you?  Do you do something different?  Please share.  You can leave a comment below.

Trying these Things in Spain

If you think you might like to travel to Spain someday, click here to get on the list.  I'm headed back to Jerez in May.