Here's something from Jerez last fall ...

October 30, 2013

I played bulerías to help me fall asleep during siesta time.

Bulerías with lots of palmas and jaleos of course.

Who does that?

Someone who is in Jerez I guess.

Someone who is in Jerez and just can't get enoughIt's a good thing I'm going back.

I listened to one that I recorded at the peña last night.

Desde Jerez, a bulería


Cuando por la calle voy
la gente me mira mucho
y yo bonito no soy

When I go out on the street
people look at me a lot
and me, I'm not nice looking

And now, an old video

One that reminds me of why I love bulerías.

Why I love going to Jerez.

Why I love dancing and doing palmas and jaleos with Ani and Carmen.

And, of course, why I love dancing with Mercedes and Santi.

By the way, El Londro sings about romero in one of the letras.  It's no surprise.

The Structure of a Bulerías de Jerez

Can you identify all of the parts in the pataita Mercedes dances?   Tell me what you noticed.  Do you have a question?  Let me know.  You can leave a comment below.

If you don't know what I mean,

You might like to come some Saturday and find out or perhaps come to Spain with me and experience the real thing!  I'll be returning to Jerez in May, and You can come too.