Tú le estás pidiendo a Dios 
que mi madre se muriera 
ya mi madre se murió
ya no hay quién te quiera 
que menos te voy a querer yo.

You are asking God 
that my mother should die 
now my mother has died 
and there is nobody left to love you
and I'll love you even less.

Paco de Lucía & Camarón de la Isla por bulerías.


I love watching the way Camarón watches Paco before he begins to sing.

Then continuing to watch their faces throughout.

How they converse with one another.

And how each converses with himself.

One friend commented this week that they are now together in heaven having the juerga of the century...

I sent a lot of virtual hugs on Wednesday.  Especially to my guitarist friends who were so impacted by Paco.


Whoa.  This was a difficult one to translate. (as so often is the case) The last line! As always, I welcome your thoughts, your suggestions, your interpretations, your feelings. You can leave a comment below.