"I'll figure it out." Ricardo hears that a lot when he comes to Portland.

Over and over again he hears it.  Namely in rehearsals.

Probably because there is always A LOT to figure out.


"We'll figure it out."

He became kind of obsessed with the phrase on a past visit.  I said it many times.  Perhaps because I felt so overwhelmed.

When I wasn't saying it he'd ask me to remind him how to say it.

And then one night he asked how to spell it,

"Figuridout ...

        ... How do you spell that word?"

"Actually, it's three words."

We realized that a lot of phrases in English sound like one word.

1. Figure  2. It  3. Out

You know I like noticing things.  And I always notice a lot when studying with guest artists.  While I'm with them and months after we've parted ways.

One thing I noticed was this,

I enjoy figuringitout

Puzzles for the brain.  Puzzles for the body.

Complete confusion and utter fun.

Let's take castanets for example.

One of the best outlets for figuring stuff out.

At first they were just really frustrating.  But not so much anymore.

Now they're so much fun.  Thanks to all of the figuring out they require.

A good reminder about life

There are always problems, issues, whatever you wish to call them.

They can always be figured out.

The process of doing that can even be enjoyable.

And from that process I can always learn.


What about you?  Do you enjoy the process of figuringitout?  Does it frustrate you?  Perhaps both?  How do you approach this in flamenco?  Or in life?  I'd love to know.  You can leave a comment here.

And about Guest Artists

Oscar comes in about one week, February 7-9.  There are a few spots still open.  The details are here.