You know I've been on a bit of a fandangos kick lately.

And yesterday I was listening to a bootleg (Do we still call it that?) from a friend of a live Vicente Amigo show from 2002.

And I was reminded of this song.

Mensaje Vicente Amigo

Mensaje que trae la paloma
que a las ventanas de mi corazón se asoma
palabras de amor que devoran
razón de toitas personas

mensaje que trae la paloma.

Message that the dove brings
peers out the windows of my heart
words of love that devour
the reason of all people
message that the dove brings.

Watch this.  It will make your day better.

Your favorite version

There are so many versions out there.  So, here's what I would love for you to do.  Go to YouTube or Vimeo or wherever.  Do a search.  And post a favorite version below.

P.S.  Sometimes I want to just publish these letras simplemente como son with no translation at all.  Sometimes I feel disrespectful with my translations.  They can be so hard to do.  And when I think they're going to be easier they seem to get harder.  There always seems to be this one line that gets me...  Thankfully I have good friends to help, like Ricardo and Erica and Danica today.

Toíta/toítas - todas - all


I'm going back to Spain in October.  Join me!