Friday was spent Doing this and that in Sevilla

Being on the train

Being with Emilio and

Driving in circles for over an hour looking for parking in Madrid in front of his apartment En serio

Then walking to Casa Patas but getting there way too late for the midnight show

Eating dinner around 1:30ish

And then it was 4am...

Now it's Saturday, and I'm in Philadelphia.

So here is this week's letra a day late.


Yo no soy de esta tierra
ni conozco a nadie.
Quien lo hiciera bien para mi niño

que Dios se lo pague. 

I am not from these lands
nor do I know anyone.
He who would do well for my child
may God reward him.

José Mendez sang this one at the Peña Torres Macarena in Sevilla.  I rushed over there after class with Yolanda on Wednesday night.  And I'm so glad I did.  He was there along with Moi de Morón, Miguel Pérez, and María Cárdenas.  It was crowded, and people were into it, and the show was great.  Plus el Zorri who we met at Ani's in Jerez was there.  His bulerías de Jerez along with his matching outfit alone were enough to make it all worth while.

Here's Camarón singing it.

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I'll be back in Spain in October.  You can come with.