Sometimes we joke around in class about Ricardo

Not behind his back, don't worry.  We do it both when he's here and when he's not.  We pretend we're him, and we walk around with intense looks on our faces, vigilando.

Other times we just pretend he's there in the room with us, looking like he looks.

It's fun.  You should try it.

The thing is, he doesn't usually have an intense look on his face

In the video below, you can see for yourself.

I ask him about getting nervous before a workshop.  Because the thought of studying with an out-of-this-world amazing dancer from Spain who is used to dancing with the best of the best can feel a little bit intimidating to some of us around here.

He gives words of encouragement.  And he laughs.  You might also.


Do you get nervous before a workshop?  How do you handle it?  Ever been in class with Ricardo?  What was it like?  Click here to leave a comment.

Ricardo in Portland

Just yesterday he performed at the XVII Festival de Jerez with Rafaela Carrasco.  But, he'll be here in Portland in April to perform and teach.  And, like Ricardo said, in the workshops we learn and work but have fun doing so.  So, no need to be nervous.

Mercedes in Jerez

We spend lots of time laughing with Mercedes in class too.  Perhaps you'd like to join me in May to study with her.  Click here for details.