It was Mercedes who introduced me to El Londro, (musically that is). Below is the song that she and bunches of others will be dancing to tomorrow for the Flashmob in it. It is from El Londro's Luna de Enero album and was written by David Lagos, with an estribillo popular.

Vivo a Mi Manera

Yo vengo de Hungria
con mi Mariana
me busco la vida

Yo vivo a mi manera
yo vivo a mi aire
cuenta no le daba de este querer a nadie

Yo comparo los colores
del azul del cielo, la luna y los mares
con el de tus ojos
y hasta envidia te tienen las flores

Porque esta forma de ser que tú tienes  
yo no la comprendo 
Que por quererte tanto
como te estoy queriendo

En mi barca llevo
la luna y el sol

Te traigo la flor de estrella para tu pelo 
Cuenta no le des a nadie
sentrañitas mias de lo que te quiero

I Live My Way

I come from Hungary 
with my Mariana
I try to make a living.

I live my way 
I live my way
no one noticed this love.

I compare the color blue
of the sky, the moon, and the oceans
with that of your eyes 
and even the flowers are envious of you.

Because this way of being that you have 
I don't understand 
I love you so much
how I'm loving you.

In my boat I carry
the moon and the sun.

I bring you the star flower for your hair 
don't let anyone know my love, 
how I love you.

And about that Flashmob, we'll be doing our best to dance along in Portland, though not at the same time. Well, I'll not stop you from getting up at 3am, or staying up until 3am, to do it, but I'll not be joining you at that hour!

EDIT: You can hear El Londro singing it and see Mercedes and her students dancing to it at the the March 2nd flashmob in the streets of Jerez here.

P.S.  I like this one with suns and moons too.


And you, what do you think of the song? What about the dance? Could you pick it up by watching the video? And, as usual with the translations, feel free to leave suggestions. You can comment here.

We're going to Spain

Mercedes Ruíz.  It is this beautifully elegant and kind woman who we'll be studying with in Jerez in May.  You can get trip details here. P.S. On the last trip it was David Lagos who sang for us in a private concert and in class.