We had FUN with Ricardo.  (If you missed him this time, don't cry, he'll be back...)

What one student had to say

(It really moved me...)

"Thank YOU so much!  I had an amazing time this weekend with you, Ricardo, and everyone at your studio.  I am really just blown away, in so many ways.

Laura I have not danced in at least 4 years.  No exercise, no dancing, nada.  I have been going crazy all this time, with this love inside me, trying to channel it through cante occasionally but most of the time having no outlet.

I have been scared I couldn't make it,

of failure,

of not feeling adequate,

of being judged,

and of even falling on my face!

I am so thankful and happy, not to mention incredibly inspired by this experience.  Ricardo's unbelievable talent, art and 'swagga' were obvious in videos of his dance.  

What really sealed the deal for me in persuasion of me attending...

1. The videos of the two of you (click here to see that video), seeing Ricardo as a regular guy(click here for more video), being sweet and funny with you


2. My contacts with Stefani, and with you in the past.

It's Ricardo's personality and congeniality that shine through his talents the most, and I was so thrilled to have found the same wonderful traits in you and all in your studio. I have felt so welcome this weekend, and it feels so very very good to be a part of the community again...

I am so overwhelmed, ecstatic, and full of well-love for life.

Thank you and Ricardo for helping me dance again!  Olé la gente buena!!!!  Much love."

That came from participant Shelley Gentry.  She joined us from Houston, Texas.  (You can read what others have said here.)

Oh, and you can see more photos by clicking here.

And then from the mouth of Ricardo

Because we like happy artists too...

"People i just want to thank all of you.  You made me feel so good.  You gave me good energy and the best of the best you made feel your love...

Me haceis sentir vuestro cariño y eso es lo mas importante de todo para mí...Como siempre es un verdadero placer compartir momentos contigo y con todo la comunidad de Portland Flamenco Events.  Sois un regalo para mí por eso míl gracias a todos. Os quiero!!!"

Do you know this guy?

If  you came to any of the Ricardo López events, or if you've experienced him elsewhere, let me know what you think.  Leave a comment.