We got kicked out of the park last night. So we had to go to my apartment to do palmas. Ok, we didn't exactly get kicked out. Rather we were told we had to leave while they tore down the equipment from the previous concert. That we could come back once they were done. That it would be just fifteen minutes or so. We decided to go to my apartment instead.

Palmas in the Parks became Palmas in the Apartment.

And this was just what my new place needed that I didn't know it needed. Some crazy palmas energy. ¡Que bueno!

On that note, today's letra

It's tangos, and you can listen to it here along with lots of palmas. Lots of contratiempo.


Si alguna vez vas a Cadiz
pasa por el Barrio Santa María 
Verás a los gitanitos 
Como te cantan por alegrías

If you ever go to Cadiz
go to the Santa María neighborhood 
you will see the gypsies 
how they sing you alegrías

And, about tangos, Jaleos para tangos happens next Wednesday. It's just a one-day thing.

And the live chat with Mercedes Ruíz is happening on Monday. Woo-hoo! Watch snippets of her dancing por tangos...zapateado, alegrías, & siguiriyas too.

Comments?  Thoughts?  I'd love to know your impressions.  Leave a comment.