Cantiñas.  We danced por cantiñas with Emilio. We've seen the first letra.

And a second one too.

And now here is a coletilla, un estribillo.

Que me lo tienes que dar, 
que me lo tienes que dar
El tacón de la bota, 
que para taconear. 

You have to give me,
you have to give me
The heel of the boot,
to taconear.* 

Taconear - to make percussive noises with the feet  I just could not include that in the translation.

Sometimes I just don't know about these translations.  So much seems to get lost.

In fact, just this week this came at Ainsworth.  I was there doing flamenco with the first graders, who once again taught me a million things.  Anyway, we were working on tangos, and José, one of the first grade teachers, and I talked about how the letra just sounded weird when translated into English.  No es igual.

But, that's that.  We know these are meant to be read en español, but here those who don't speak Spanish can at least get an idea of what some of the songs are about.  And on that note, if you have any translation suggestions, please do let me know.  Or if you just want to comment, you can do so here!