This week, let's look at some more Bulerías de Jerez. Because they're wonderful.  And because tomorrow when I'll be releasing the details of the fall trip to Jerez...where we will hear lots and lots and lots of bulerías.  Click here if you want to be sure to get the info...

In the meantime, here's a letra for inspiration (or even just enjoyment)


Como crujía la leña 
La leña de los leñeros  
Porque así van a crujir mis huesos
De tanto como te quiero

How the firewood crackled 
The firewood of the lumberjacks 
Because this is how my bones will crack 
From loving you so much 

Below is El Londro singing it and Mercedes dancing to it in London last year.  I love hearing how long this "short" letra becomes.

Flamenco is just. so. cool.

Oh, and thank you to Mercedes for telling me what the last line says (because I can never understand what he says when he sings it) and to Ricardo for explaining me what a leñero is.

By the way, Mercedes, this is who we'll be studying with in Jerez.  We'll have live guitarra in class (with Santiago Lara her husband who is in the video up there) and cante.  I can't wait.  Get the details first by signing up here.

You know it.  Translating is a challenge for me.  Almost as challenging as it is discovering the actual Spanish words to these songs.  If you have a comment or suggestion, please leave it here.