So Emilio is here in Portland.

He is here.  Está aquí!

I told you I was going to ask him some more questions.  And we did just that this evening.  We made movies!  So, click on the links in this post to see videos.

EDIT: You can now watch a video of this full interview here.

Anyway, we made two movies.

Actually three, but the first one didn't work.  Oops.  (Remember what happened with Ricardo?)

The one that didn't work - a Movie. (*updated, see below)

But, about Emilo.

I asked him about teaching.  He likes to teach us.  Olé!  He gets satisfaction from it.  Olé!

Watch this:

La Clase - a Movie (*updated, see below)

I asked him about performing.  And I learned about his rituals before performing.

Hear all about it:

La Actuación - a Movie (*updated, see below)

We would love to see you this weekend in the workshops...(Yes, there are still openings!)

Any questions?  Comments?  Leave them below.

*EDIT: You can watch all of the videos here in this updated post.