I want to tell you a good story about Ricardo, in honor of the fact that the schedule for the Immersion is up.  , it's up!

There are many stories running through my brain

But I don't feel like writing any of them right now.

So, I'll just tell you some of the things I enjoy about him being here:

  • He makes us laugh.
  • He makes us sweat.
  • We learn a whole bunch of stuff in a short amount of time. And it's fun and not competitive like many of the workshops at the various festivals
  • He has this energy, that is infectious, that he brings with him, and it is unique to him.  Those of you who've taken with him, you know what I mean...
  • He knows A LOT, and he holds back nothing.  Nada.
  • He challenges us.  In good ways.
  • Everybody feels happy when he's here.  Everybody likes him!
  • He sincerely enjoys being here with us.

And just a few additional things I like about when he comes:

  • He drives my car.  He likes driving.  I do not.  It's wonderful!
  • He likes to stay up late too, so I don't feel so weird being me.   Most of my closest friends go to bed early, or perhaps one might say on time?
  • He loves to eat soup.
  • He is neat and tidy.
  • He goes with the flow.
  • He is helpful.

Anyway, there is more to come, and further Immersion details will be announced soon.  You can tune in here, in the news, on facebook...

What are some of the things you enjoy about Ricardo being here?  Or perhaps there is something you would like to know.  All comments welcome here.