This week I'm visiting my sister and brother-in-law and my three nieces for the holidays. When I arrived on Christmas Day Ada and Margot put on their flamenco dresses that I'd gotten for them in Spain last year. Each niece got a fan as well, that is tres abanicos for tres sobrinas. Since Ellie isn't really into the whole flamenco thing, she has been loaning us her fan this week and assisting in letra translation instead of dancing. Ada has been the expert rhythm-maker and word pointer and Margot the most dedicated singer and dancer. I love these ladies and teaching them flamenco this week has completely inspired me. I wish you could see them doing this too. We learned a fandangos, singing, and dancing with abanico, and of course, palmas, and just a bit of castañuelas...


A la sombra de un laurel
Cita nos dimos un día

A la sombra de un laurel
Tú te quedaste dormida
Y cuando te desperté
La tarde anochecía.

Under the shade of a laurel tree
We met one day
Under the shade of a laurel tree
You fell asleep
And when I awoke you
Night had fallen. 

Here is Camarón singing this letra.  Ada, Margot, and Ellie preferred our version to his, but I love them both...

abanico - fan

sobrina - niece

As you know, translating well provides a good challenge for me...I'll always try my best, but if you come up with a different interpretation, feel free to express your thoughts, or if there is a letra you'd like to share, please do so below.