This week, Lorca. And look, here's our favorite Ricardo dancing to this very song in a bata de cola.

And, he'll be here very soon, THIS MARCH, to be exact, for a full flamenco intensive.  I can't wait!!!

Sevillanas del siglo XVIII Federico García Lorca

¡Viva Sevilla! 
Llevan las sevillanas 
en la mantilla 
un letrero que dice:
¡Viva Sevilla!

¡Viva Triana! 
¡Vivan los trianeros, 
los de Triana!
¡Vivan los sevillanos 
y sevillanas!

Lo traigo andado, 
La Macarena y todo 
lo traigo andado.

Lo traigo andado;
cara como la tuya
no la he encontrado 
La Macarena y todo 
lo traigo andado.

Ay río de Sevilla 
qué bien pareces
lleno de velas blancas
y ramas verdes.

Sevillanas of the 18th Century Federico García Lorca

Long Live Sevilla! 
The women of Sevilla
wear on their veils 
signs that read: 
¡Long Live Sevilla!

Long live Triana! 
Long live the Trianeros, 
the people of Triana! 
Long live the men of Sevilla
and the women!

I carry with me
the Macarena and everything
I carry with me.

I carry with me;
a face like yours 
I haven't found
the Macarena and everything
I carry with me.

Oh river of  Sevilla  
How wonderful you look
full of white sails 
and green branches.

As you know, translating well provides a good challenge for me…I’ll always try my best, but if you come up with a different interpretation, feel free to express your thoughts below.

(EDIT: I changed the translation of 'Lo traigo andao' from 'I have walked' to 'I carry with me.' I am still unsure of the best way or correct meaning of this part.