For quite some time I have been thinking, "I should share letras on the blog."  Because I like them.  Because they're always running through my head.  Because they speak to me.  So, here we go.  I will share letras on Fridays!  (Oh, and in case you're wondering what I am even talking about, a letra is a verse.) At times they'll be longer, other times shorter.   Perhaps here we can enjoy an aspect of flamenco together without actually being together.  Of course there are various sites online where you can find many more; this one has MUCHAS.

This week, we'll stick with the bulerías theme in honor of the upcoming workshops.  Ahí va:

Yo no quiero tu dinero 
Sólo quiero que me quieras
Lo mismo que yo te quiero

I don't want your money
I just want you to love me
In the same way that I love you

EDIT: Listen to Mara Rey sing it here.

Translating them well provides a good challenge for me...I'll always try my best, but if you come up with a different interpretation, feel free to express your thoughts, or if there is a letra you'd like to share, please do so below.