37316_1512693023538_5220089_nWorkshop with David

A small group workshop with daily classes catered especially to our group (you!) by David Romero. David has been dancing since he was three years old. He grew up experiencing flamenco in the peñas of Barcelona. His family (originally from Huelva) immigrated to Barcelona shortly before David was born. His brother is a guitarist, and his mom sings (for fun). He began working professionally when he was fourteen. He's worked with Duquende, Chicuelo, Antonio Canales, Rafael Amargo, Rafaela Carrasco, El Nuevo Ballet Español, El Pipa, Mayte Martin, Milagros Menjibar, and so many other master flamencos... (He's got lots of stories...) I'm pretty positive you'll absolutely adore him and his classes not to mention his dancing. Oh, and his singing in class is pretty great too. You can read more about what it's like to be in class with him here.


Daily support sessions

On the Flamenco Tour to Barcelona we'll spend time each day in studio to reinforce material from David's classes. In other words, an hour each day to process, practice and clear up anything that we were struggling with from class. (I - Laura- will lead these sessions.)